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SRPE Rubin of NAS of Ukraine performs the pyrometallurgical refining of precious metals and alloys and uses these materials in manufacturing of industrial products, such as platinum alloys feeders and glass-melting units used in the production of heat-insulating and electrical-insulating materials made of glass and basalt; pots and equipment made of platinum alloys for optical glass melting; platinum crucibles of different range including crucibles for large single crystals growing; platinum laboratory ware; platinum aircraft glazing sensors; electrical contacts made of platinum-iridium alloys; gold leaf, platinum foil, silver foil, gold smalt (gold mosaic), platinum smalt (platinum mosaic), powder gold; solder alloys based on precious metals; solder alloys based on precious metals of vacuum melting. We also offer equipment for precious and refractory metals processing - vacuum induction furnaces and rolling mills for jewelry production.

Rubin enterprise performs gilding and provides services in application of decorative and protective coatings made of silver, zirconium, molybdenum, titanium nitride by ion-plasma method to metal, glass, plastic and wood.

In addition, Rubin enterprise produces goods designed for human health strengthening: bactericidal Ukrainian Silver Ball, silver plated Kuznetsov Applicators, silver plated disposable utensils (spoons, forks, knives, skewers).

The quality of our goods and services will satisfy the most demanding customers!



Bogdan Petrovich

Managing Director, PhD(Mathematics and Physics)


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