Company Information

SRPE Rubin of NAS of Ukraine is the first company in Ukraine which has developed and put into production a number of technologies for production of industrial goods made of precious metals and alloys. This activity has been and remains a priority. The list of the goods produced by the company includes significant number of items, the dominant ones are: platinum alloy feeders and glass melting units used for the production of heat- and electrical-insulating materials made of glass and basalt; platinum alloy pots and platinum alloy equipment used for optical glass melting, platinum crucibles of different range, including crucibles used for large single crystals growing, platinum labware, platinum aircraft glazing sensors; electrical contacts of platinum-iridium alloys, ingots, rods, wire and rolled platinum, rolled gold, rolled silver and their alloys. We have successfully mastered and have been applying for more then 10 years pyrometallurgical refining of platinum and its alloys, using modern imported equipment and technology. We also manufacture equipment for precious and refractory metals processing - vacuum induction furnaces and rolling mills for jewelry production.

Rubin enterprise is the first domestic manufacturer of precious metal decorative materials, such as gold leaf, silver foil, gold smalt (gold mosaic), powder gold. Today in Ukraine, only our assortment includes platinum foil and platinum smalt (platinum mosaic). They are notable for inimitable beauty and unique durability. We also perform gilding and provide services on coating by ion-plasma method of decorative and protective silver, zirconium, molybdenum, titanium nitride to metal, glass, plastic and wood.

If you need based on precious metal solders and based on precious metal solder of vacuum melting, please contact us - we have years of experience in the production of these complex materials.

Furthermore, SRPE Rubin of NAS of Ukraine produces goods designed for human health strengthening: bactericidal Ukrainian Silver Ball, silver plated Kuznetsov Applicators used for domestic therapeutic massage, silver plated disposable utensils (spoons, forks, knives, skewers) – these products use known from ancient times healing property of silver ions.

Today, the company has a strong scientific-technical and industrial base, which is constantly growing and updated with new equipment and technologies. Areas for processing of precious metals and their alloys, mechanical workshops, the melting shop, the pyrometallurgical refining shop, the forge, the rolling and drawing area, the area of finishing materials production, administration and research offices are located on the production areas of 5,5 thousand square meters. The company also has its own certified analytical laboratory provided with a stock of modern equipment and reference materials purchased from the best manufacturers of the United States and Europe.

The people working in the SRPE Rubin of NAS of Ukraine are all skilled workers, professionals, researchers and managers, having a vast experience in processing of non-ferrous, precious and refractory metals and alloys. Development and improvement of technological processes and equipment, continuous experience exchange with foreign specialists enables Rubin enterprise to maintain a consistently high quality of its products and services.