Enterprise Rubin produces a wide range of goods made of precious metals. The mainstream of production include industrial products made of platinum and platinum alloys, such as feeders and glass melting units, crucible and pots for optical glass melting, temperature sensors of aircraft glazing, contacts, wires, rolled metal, laboratory glassware, solders of precious metals (including solders of vacuum melting made of precious metals), nickel laboratory crucibles used as substitutes for platinum crucibles and many others. Consumers of these products are manufacturers of fiberglass, of insulation and building materials, enterprises of aviation and defense industries, metallurgical plants.

The priority products also include finishing materials made of precious metals: gold foil, platinum foil, gold and platinum smalt (gold and platinum mosaic), silver foil and powder gold. These goods are used in construction and repair of churches, particularly for the dome and iconostasis gilding, for the architectural monuments restoration, for the gilding of exclusive furniture elements, for the art gilding, for the iconography, and for decorative works in various rooms including residential ones.

SRPE Rubin of NAS of Ukraine manufactures equipment for the processing of precious and refractory metals. These are rolling mills for jewelry production and vacuum induction furnaces. We install our equipment at the customer's facility, perform commissioning and warranty service.

To a wide range of customers we offer products designed for human health strengthening, namely: germicide Ukrainian Silver Ball, silver-plated massage applicators, disposable utensils with silver coating, nanosilver aqueous dispersion. Their features comes from the bactericidal properties of silver ions, which are capable of killing germs, bacteria and viruses in various environments.