State Research and Production Enterprise Rubin of NAS of Ukraine offers the widest range of services in the manufacturing from the customer-furnished raw materials of products from precious metals and their alloys, and from materials containing precious metals. Our team has a vast experience in precious metal treatment, gained during 16 years of fruitful work with these materials. The enterprise has organized a full closed-loop processing of precious metals, beginning from scrap refinement, and finishing by testing of finished products. Dozens of innovative technologies and processes allowing to produce a wide range of products, from solid ingots of bank purity and semi-finished products to the application of modern nanotechnology, are developed and implemented on an industrial scale.

Particular attention is paid to the accounting and the storage of precious metals, which are a costly and limited resource, the circulation of which is under the state supervision and control. SRPE Rubin has all the necessary normative and technical documentation along with state licenses for all the declared activities.

The company makes products in accordance with existing State Standards for these types of products and also in accordance with customer's drawings. Besides, we have a sufficient research base for applied researches and provide services in the development of technologies and new products. This allows our customers to give up expensive foreign suppliers and obtain the necessary components from domestic manufacturer. The recent developments include strategically important for the country’s policy the platinum aircraft glazing sensors, the platinum-iridium contacts for aircraft ignition systems.

We are ready to meet challenges dealing with the treatment of precious metals, construction materials and vacuum metallurgy.